Harz Escape

Escape Rooms are a special kind of experience for couples and families, friends and colleagues, locals and tourists. Right in the middle of the historic center of Wernigerode you will discover three rooms full of riddles, fun and excitement. Can you reveal the secret, find your way out and win the game?

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„Great puzzles, fun games, lovely atmosphere! Keep up the good work!“
„Excellent friendly staff and a fantastic escape room experience.“

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The Elements


A bright, modern and interactive room, full of seemingly undecipherable signs and symbols. But little by little you are going discover clues that will help you crack the codes and find the key to the exit. Enter the world of the elements, solve exciting puzzles and experience unexpected phenomena!

You are playing for the first time? Then this room is a good start!

2–5 players

from about 12 years of age

Don Vito

Don Vito's investigation


New York, 1932. Organized crime is at its peak. You are agents and you have been assigned to the case of Vito Genovese. But when you enter the investigation office, the door closes behind you and you have no idea what just happened. You try the handle, but the door stays locked. Behind you the phone rings and a dark voice says: „Nobody messes with us. We are on our way and you cannot escape!“ Will you succeed in finding the secret key and exit the room in time?

Novices will be as delighted by this room as escape room enthusiasts.

2–4 players

from about 12 years of age

Wizard's test

Witchcraft & Wizardry – The Final Test


The time is near! You are about to become real witches and wizards. But first, you have to take one final exam. According to tradition, it is held deep in the forest, in the secret hut of the ancient and wise witch. Divination, Broom Flight, Transfiguration – show that you master the magic arts and pass all the assignments in just 60 minutes. Hurry up, the sand is running down the hourglass!

A magical room full of surprises for experienced sorcerers.

2–4 players

from about 12 years of age


2 players 30 € / player
3 players 26 € / player
4 players 22 € / player
5 players 18 € / player

Payment on site in cash oder with debit card.


Elements Don Vito Witchcraft

Requests by phone: +49 176 51967691


To purchase a voucher please call +49 176 26895057 and schedule a time for picking it up at our Escape Room in Wernigerode. Due to holidays, vouchers cannot be sent by post or e-mail between June 15th and 26th. Thank you for your understanding!


Our Escape Rooms are located in an old half-timbered house right in the middle of Wernigerode’s historical centre, just behind the town hall (Rathaus). You can find the entrance at the back side of the house.

The room „Witchcraft & Wizardry“ is at the address Marktstraße 1, on the right side of the „Kunsthof“ courtyard.

Parking spots can be found on Marktstraße (here you need a parking ticket) or on J.S.-Bach-Street/Bundesstraße 244 (3 hours free parking with parking meter)

Harz Escape

Klintgasse 3 (Elements / Don Vito)

Marktstraße 1 (Witchcraft)

38855 Wernigerode

Tel. +49 176 51967691