Terms and conditions


General Terms and Conditions


1.1. The general terms and conditions regulate the use of the rooms at Harz Escape / owner Julia Ivancenco (subsequently referred to also as "we", "us", "our" etc.)

1.2. These general terms and conditions are valid for all customers (subsequently also referred to as "users" or "players"), who use the establishment Harz Escape. By entering our premises the user accepts our general terms and conditions.

1.3. If the user does not accept our general terms and conditions (completely or partially), he will not be entitled to enter our rooms.

2. INFORMATION about Harz Escape

2.1. Harz Escape is a team game for people between 12 and 99 years old. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

2.2. Users and prospective customers can contact us by e-mail (info@harz-escape.de) or by phone (+49 176 51967691)


3.1. The user agrees to use the rooms of Harz Escape with care. Harz Escape reserves all rights of compensation in case of intentional damage to the rooms, tools, equipment or layout. Our employees (subsequently also referred to as “game masters”) are entitled to end the game at any moment, if a player causes damages or does not follow the indications of the game master.

3.2. The user agrees to use the establishment and the games at his own risk and responsibility. Harz Escape will not be liable for any damage (including damage of health or property), if this damage was caused by disregard of our indications and/or the general terms and conditions and/or negligence while using our establishment and games.

3.3. Harz Escape reserves its right to deny certain persons the usage of the establishment and games, if these persons - by judgment of our game masters - do not seem able to play our games while respecting our standards of security.

3.4. Before starting the game the customer is obliged to pay the price for using our establishment and games as indicated on the official price list (www.harz-escape.de).

3.5. Before entering the rooms, the user is obliged to provide to Harz Escape all necessary names and contact data. These will not be passed on to third parties. Upon the user's request, all data can be deleted from our database right after the game has ended or at any later point.

3.6. The access to the rooms of Harz Escape will be denied to persons under the influence of alcohol or other substances affecting the frame of mind. Moreover it is forbidden to bring alcoholic beverage or any type of drugs into the rooms.


4.1. By receiving a booking confirmation (by telephone or e-mail) a binding contract is concluded between the user and Harz Escape.

4.2. The user who books a room has been authorized by all his co-players to perform the booking. If members of the group are under 18 years of age, the authorization must be given by a parent or legal guardian. The user who booked a room is responsible for the payment to Harz Escape and must be at least 18 years old when performing the booking.


5.1. The user has the possibility to change or cancel his booking free of charge telephonically (+49 176 51967691) or by e-mail (info@harz-escape.de). In case of a no-show without advance notice, we reserve our right to charge the full price of the game.


6.1. Occasionally it may occur, that we need to correct certain details or mistakes. That could also mean that we need to change or cancel a confirmed booking. In such a case, we reserve our right to do so.


7.1. If “force majeure” hinders or impairs us from performing our services or if the user suffers other damages or losses caused by “force majeure”, we can assume no liability and will pay no compensation. The term “force majeure” involves all incidents that Harz Escape could not foresee or prevent in spite of due diligence. The following situations can be counted as “force majeure”: war, riots, civil war, terroristic activities or imminent threat due to terroristic activities, trade disputes, natural or nuclear catastrophes, threatening weather, fires and similar events that are beyond our control.


The user will inform himself about parking possibilities. Parking will always be on the vehicle proprietor’s own risk.


9.1. The games of Harz Escape are live events. As the rooms are being specially prepared and blocked for the booked time slot, it is the responsibility of the user to show up in time for his appointment and to count in possible delays due to traffic, public transport or other factors. If the user is not punctual, we reserve our right to not perform our service and deny the user access to the game. The user has no claim for reimbursement.


10.1. The user undertakes to not share any details of the games of Harz Escape (including tasks, layout, puzzles, room decoration, game construction and game play) with any third party and to not use these for any kind of personal or external purposes. Photo and video recordings are only permitted with a written consent from Harz Escape.

10.2. Making any kind of recordings (photo/audio/video) of our live video game is prohibited.