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Don Vito

The Don Vito Investigation


New York, 1932. Organized crime is at its peak. You are agents and have been assigned to the case of Vito Genovese. While working on the case, the phone rings. A soft voice whispers: „They know about the photos. They are coming!“. You know that your boss, Joe Petrosino, possesses incriminating material against Don Vito which he keeps well hidden in his office. Can you find and secure the documents before the mafia arrives?

The perfect game for escape room beginners.

Can also be played via Zoom as a live video experience. Just write a request to info@harz-escape.de.

2–4 players

60 minutes


Witchcraft & Wizardry — The Final Test


The time is near! You are about to become real witches and wizards. But first, you have to take one final exam. According to tradition, it is held deep in the forest, in the secret hut of the ancient and wise witch. Divination, Broom Flight, Transfiguration – show that you master the magic arts and pass all the assignments in just 60 minutes. Hurry up, the sand is running down the hourglass!

A magical room full of surprises for experienced players.

2–4 players

60 minutes

The Watchmaker

The Watchmaker

On Request

Next to our Escape Room, there is a small watchmaker’s shop. The owner, Regina Jürgensen, appears to be a quiet and unassuming person. But then why are there these strange and sometimes alarmingly loud noises coming from her shop? We would very much appreciate your help in finding out.

A new adventure full of surprising twists.

To play this game in English, please write a request to info@harz-escape.de.

2–4 players

60-75 minutes


The Call

On Request

You are having a nice cup of tea in your favorite armchair when the phone rings. „Anonymous“ – one of those annoying robo-calls, most likely. But your curiosity gets the better of you and you pick up. There's an unknown person at the other end of the line sounding agitated and scared. You first don't understand what is happening, but soon you realize that someone is in real danger there and needs your help urgently...

A creepy story for players aged 14+. Can only be played via Zoom as a live video experience. Just write a request to info@harz-escape.de.

1–4 devices

60 minutes

Letters from the past

Letters From The Past

Only in German

A key, an old postcard and a strange note: that’s all Katharina has to find her missing father. Follow his trail through the winding streets of Wernigerode, discover hidden places and solve a decades-old mystery!

An exciting city game for curious locals as well as tourists.

2–5 players (larger groups on request)

90-120 minutes

Golden Book

Santa’s Golden Book

Only in German

Have you been good this year? As you are not completely sure, you decide to take the matter into your own hands: you wait until Santa has left for his daily stroll and sneak into his house. Will you manage to find his golden book and put down your names to ensure your Christmas gifts?

Fun puzzles for everyone in a festive ambience!

2–4 players

60 minutes


The Mysterious Table

Only in German

During his last expedition, Professor Magnus found a mysterious object: a round table with strange symbols and many locks guarding its unknown content. Are you able to solve the riddles, open the hidden compartment and reveal the secret of this ancient artefact? Borrow the table for one day and find out what lies within!

The ideal game for an exciting puzzle evening at home. If you wish to use it as a birthday surprise or as a special way to propose, you can hide a small gift inside. Just let us know beforehand! Please note that the game can only be played in German.

1–4 players

2-4 hours


On Site Games

Escape Rooms City Game
(only in German)
2 players 37 € p. p. 45 € p. p.
3 players 33 € p. p. 40 € p. p.
4 players 29 € p. p. 35 € p. p.
5 players   30 € p. p.

Larger groups on request.

Payment on site in cash or with debit card.

Mysterious Table

1-4 players 85 € / rental

Only playable in German.
Pick up at 16 h on date of booking.
Return at 12 h on next day.
Payment on site in cash or with debit card.


Don Vito Witchcraft

Requests by phone: +49 176 51967691


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Normally we will send you the voucher within 2-3 days. If you need the voucher urgently, please give us a call and we will try to arrange the delivery as quick as possible. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail (info@harz-escape.de) or phone +49(0)176-51967691.

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Our Escape Room „The Don Vito Investigation“ is located in an old half-timbered house right in the middle of Wernigerode’s historical centre, just behind the town hall (Rathaus). The address is Klintgasse 3. This is also the starting point of our city game „Letters from the past“ (only available in German!)

The room „Witchcraft & Wizardry“ is at the address Marktstraße 1, on the right side of the „Kunsthof“ courtyard.

Parking spots can be found on Marktstraße (here you need a parking ticket) or on J.S.-Bach-Street/Bundesstraße 244 (3 hours free parking with parking meter)

Harz Escape

Klintgasse 3 (Don Vito)

Marktstraße 1 (Witchcraft)

38855 Wernigerode

Tel. +49 176 51967691