Frequently asked questions


We want to play one of your games on site. Which Corona measures are currently valid? »

All restrictions due to Covid-19 have been suspended. You no longer need a proof of vaccination or recovery and also no negative test result to play our games. As our lobby is a small space, we do kindly ask you to still wear a face mask during the introduction to the game. Inside the escape room you can remove your masks.

I heard you are offering a live video experience. How does it work? »

It's easy: First decide if you want to play alone, with your family at home or with long-distance friends using one or more devices (PC/laptop, tablet, smartphone). Book your game, pay with PayPal and wait for your personalized invitation link. If you don't yet have Zoom Client, you need to download it before playing. You do not need a Zoom account, however. At the booked date and time click on the invitation link and you will be connected to us. Guide our game master through the room, have him look into every corner, inspect things closely and combine objects for you. Solve all the puzzles and complete your mission! Did we make you curious? Book your game here.

Do I need special hardware or software for this game? »

The Zoom Client that you will be using runs on most computers, macs, tablets, iPhones and android smartphones, also on older devices. If you are unsure if your device supports Zoom, you can check it on their website (PC/Mac, Smartphone/Tablet). We recommend an internet connection with at least 5 MBits/s (downstream). You can also play the game with a slower connection, but the video quality will be lower.

I am totally new to Escape Rooms. How exactly does this game work? »

First of all you need to decide whom you want to play with: your family, friends or maybe work colleagues? After having assembled your team, you have to book an available time slot online on our homepage or by telephone. You should arrive at our location in the old town of Wernigerode at the beginning of your time slot. We will explain all the rules to you, which will take about 15 minutes – and then you will enter the booked room. There you will have 60 minutes to fulfill your mission by discovering and combining objects, cracking codes and much more. If you get stuck, don’t worry: our game masters are there for you and will give you helpful hints. Have you succeeded to solve all puzzles within 60 minutes? Then you have won the game!

I still can't quite imagine what this game will be like… »

Don't worry! If you're unsure, maybe reading the testimonials of other players will help.

Will I actually get locked up in a room? »

No! The doors to our escape rooms are never locked and you can exit the room at any time in case of emergency.

We're experienced players of escape rooms. What can you offer us? »

All our customers were excited after playing, both first-time players as well as old hands.For a truly magical experience, we recommend „Witchcraft & Wizardry – The Final Test“.

Note: You won't find sprawling Multi-Room games at Harz Escape. All our rooms are located in historical buildings from the 16th century and are smaller than 20 sqm. On the other hand, we can offer you exciting, innovative riddles, a different kind of hint system and plenty of time before or after the game, for example to swap recommendations for other escape rooms.

How long does the game last? »

You have 60 minutes to solve all puzzles and win the game. If your team works well together, you might make it in under 45 minutes – or maybe even beat the all time record?! If you do not fulfill your mission in time, our game master will gladly show you through the last steps of the game.

Is there an age limit? »

There is no limit, but due to the level of difficulty of our puzzles we recommend a minimum age of 12. There is no maximum age! Groups of seniors are very welcome.

What is the ideal team size? »

Our escape rooms are team games for up to 4 players. The riddles and puzzles are sometimes very tricky and solving them will be harder if your team is smaller. For the best results we recommend a team size of 3-4 players. Experienced or very brave players can also try to play alone, but need to register as a 2-player team when booking.

Do we need any special skills? »

You don’t need superpowers! A little bit of cleverness, creativity and team work will suffice to solve the puzzles and have a great experience.

Are Escape Rooms suitable for me and my work colleagues as a team-building exercise? »

Absolutely and more than that! You and your team-mates will have a great experience that will help you bond while having lots of fun. At the same time you can test and improve your communication skills.

Can I bring along more or less people than I have indicated in my booking? »

Yes, as long as you stick to the maximum of players per game (4 or 5), this is no problem. You will always pay for the actual amount of players, even if someone had to cancel short term and you are fewer than planned.

Will other people also be in the room with us? »

You play only with the friends/family/colleagues you brought along. We do not mix groups. So if you have booked a room for you and your team – it’s yours exclusively.

How and where can I pay? »

You can pay on location, by credit or by debit card. Upon prior agreement, companies can also receive an invoice and pay by wire transfer.

I booked a room but can’t make the appointment after all! What should I do? »

We know that unexpected things can intervene and fully understand that. That’s why for now we do not charge any cancellation fees. But please let us know as soon as possible if you have to cancel! Only that way we will be able to maintain this regulation.

Can I give the game to someone as a present? »

Our games are the perfect idea for a present and a really special gift. You can by different gift vouchers here. If you would like to organise a suprise for someone in our escape rooms, please give us a call.

My German is not very good. Can I still play? »

Our rooms are available in German and English and the game masters speak several languages. Please indicate when booking whether you prefer playing in German or English, so that we can prepare the room accordingly. Also players with impaired hearing can enjoy our rooms without restrictions. The city game, the room „Santa’s Golden Book“ and the mysterious table are only available in German language.

Will you record us while playing? »

It is part of the game that the game master watches you and helps you with clues. That’s why we are monitoring the game with video cameras. But we do not keep any records.

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